Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why training is much more difficult as a parent.

Training for anything is hard work. Whether you are training for a new skill at your job, your first 5k, or a marathon, there are a lot of barriers you have to overcome to successfully complete that training.

I consider the training that I have put in the past 2 years to be pretty tough. The toughest part for me isn't the 3+ hour runs on the weekends or the intervals of pushing to your max performance, it is juggling the time with my kids and my training.

Those of you who know me know that family is a huge part of my life. I said when I first started running that I wanted to make sure that I tried my best to take as little of my time away from my kids as possible.  Yes that meant getting up at 5 in the mornings sometimes so I would be back before they woke up.

We'll this weekend was one of those reminders of what is important and what is not.

My training schedule had me doing a 20 mile run this weekend.  Because of other things we had going on Sunday, I knew I had to get the run in sometime on Saturday.  We'll with the ice and snow and brutally cold temperature this morning.  I decided to wait until nap time to get my run in.

So after my son's soccer game, my plan was to go home and get ready for my run. It had warmed up pretty good and was looking perfect for a good long run. We got home and put the littlest one down for a nap.  As I  was starting to get ready for my run, my oldest comes into the room and says "Dad, will you please play with me?"

There wasn't a doubt in my mind as I replied "What do you want to play buddy?"

Looks like my training this weekend will just have to take a back seat. It isn't the first time and won't be the last I am sure.

Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 - The year of PR's!

I hope this kid is making a killing off of all the internet pictures of him.

The 2013 race year was huge for me.  It was my second year of running races and I matched or improved on every race that I ran.  I lined up for 10 total races including 2 marathons.  Here is what the numbers looked like and how much better I did.

Date              Race                  Better
2/3/2013       Shelby Trail        1st 9 mile trail race
3/9/2013       Anthem5k           0:02:51
3/23/2013     Rodes10k           0:03:48
4/6/2013       Papa 10m           0:07:17
4/13/2013     TripleC                0:13:56  (total of all 3 races)
4/27/2013     KDF Marathon 0:06:27*
6/8/2013       Barnyard 10k       0:04:49
7/13/2013     Otter Creek         1st 8 mile trail race
10/13/2013   Iron Horse 1/2      0:15:48
11/2/2013     Indy Marathon      0:28:13
11/28/2013   Fast Fred 5m       same
*I ran the KDF Half-Marathon in 2012 so I compared this race to the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon I ran in 2012.

It was a very successful year for me but to be completely honest, I had trained so hard through the year that by the time the holidays rolled around I was a little burnt out.  I decided to take a break from running for a bit before I started training for the KDF Marathon in 2014.  This is why I didn't have any posts over the holidays as there wasn't much to post.  I got out a few times, did some small runs, and played a few pickup games of basketball, but I felt like I needed to take time to be with my family and away from the computer and hard training.

Unfortunately, that meant it was very hard to get back into training again (and back to eating better).  Getting up on the cold mornings wasn't a part of my routine any longer and this winter the mornings have been COLD!  The good news is this past week was the first week that I got in all of my training runs so at least I am on the right track now.  Here's for hoping this cold weather doesn't stick around much longer so training will get easier.

Hopefully in 2014 I will see the same improvement that I did in 2013 which would mean a Boston Qualification!